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A Tale of Two Twins

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Once upon a time there were two different but very prominent twins: Mary Mania and Daniel Depression.  Both lived in the same place--a big gray house way up high off the ground.  

Mary was a bright, happy, and talkative little girl who always wore the zaniest, most distinct outfits.  Her laughter filled the whole space, and it took seemingly days to make it quiet down into little giggles.  When Mary was at her peak, the laughter became dangerous.  She'd raid every part of the house, turn on the music too loudly, and read too many books.  Seldom would she sleep; instead, she'd stay up all night, night after night, thinking of new inventions and writing stories that made little sense.  Oftentimes, when there was no one to play with, she'd dance around in circles until she passed out.  When someone said the wrong thing, she'd lash out and turn bright red, redder than the reddest outfit she owned.  To ease the anger, Mary would collect special herbs that could enter her body and enlighten her.  She felt invincible.  When that invincibility became too real, though, only bad things could happen.  Mary would take herself on midnight jogs despite the danger.  There was no stopping her, and she could not stop anything.  

Eventually, Mary could not carry on.  Weary and exhausted, she woke up Daniel to take over the house chores.  Now, unlike Mary, Daniel was a pale, sullen lad who didn't dress well.  His hair was a mess, he spoke as if life was leaving his body, and he never invited friends over for tea.  Daniel didn't have friends anyway.  He cried a lot over the loneliness he felt, even with many people around him to whom he could talk.  Where Mary loved to read and dance and sing, Daniel preferred sitting on the sofa, pondering what life meant and how beautiful death could be.  When he looked out the window, he saw death and decay, not green trees and pink roses.  He'd wonder why anyone cared to live or lived to care.  Life was a deep, morbid mystery that made fools out of us all.  

There were times when both twins were awake at the same time.  Mary and Daniel did not get along at all.  Mary wanted to climb mountains and jump in lakes, while Daniel preferred taking too much medication and sitting in his closet.  When Mary won, both twins would jitterbug and waltz and talk about too many things that were impossibly senseless.  They got confused enough to the point where they joined hands and paced around rooms and rooms, not knowing what to do with the tension and anxiety that filled their minds like ink in a jar.  Daniel soon became boss, and it made Mary grow agitated and afraid.  Together they became paranoid as if the whole world was out to get them.  They had each other, but they destroyed each other the longer they held on too closely.  The intensity and chaos seemed infinite; which twin would die first?  Would Mary succumb to her lusts and whims and impulses, or would Daniel fall prey to heavy thunderstorms and a bleak landscape of sorrow?  
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On December 28th, 2006 02:06 am (UTC), azelma11 commented:
It's like a children's story, a very twisted children's story. Perhaps like the original littlest mermaid or cinderella.
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